Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers


Even with emerging smartphones, apps and cheaper internet facilities around us, sending Free SMS nationally and internationally is still remains as a topic with some catch. Most of the Free SMS Services these days would be through a specific application/software like Whatsapp Messenger, ViberFring and there's many more. But those do not help when your recipient is not having the same device/app with them. Therefore, despite you having the device or the appropriate app with you cannot send a SMS for FREE. You have to rely on your cellular service provider’s charges and facilities. I have realized that people from most of the third-world countries are suffering from this the most. Hence, I am going to provide you with the links of 5 Top Free SMS Service Providers. These services can be used from your PC as well as your mobile devices as long as you have an internet connection.

1. E-Freesms: Highly used and very popular free SMS service provider covering major countries around the globe. Have a Facebook fan base of 36K+. Best thing about their service is that you DO NOT have to sign-up to send a SMS. They have two different routes for sending SMS. They say “Send 100% free SMS to 150+ countries worldwide. No sign-up required! Make free calls from your PC to any mobile or landline phone Watch hundreds of TV channels from all over the world totally free.”

Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

2. FreeSMScraze: Second on the list is FreeSMScraze. Again they cover a lot of countries and having a very simplistic interface to send SMS right from the homepage. They also have a Facebook fan base of 33K+. They say “We aim to provide free SMS service 'to' anywhere in the world, sent 'from' anywhere in the world. We have a dedicated team which makes sure that every message sent using our website is delivered. In order to maintain the ‘delivery rate’ and the quality of our service we have a dedicated setup running 24/7.”

Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

3. PumpSMS: Having around 8K+ people on FB liking their service puts them third on my list. This free unlimited SMS service provider for more than 200 countries with prompt delivery and very easy online user interface. They also have bulk SMS package with additional charges to be paid.

Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

4. SlideSMS: They have a Free SMS sending facility from their website as well as some paid SMS services (Bulk). For Web Site/Blog owners they have a widget for free SMS as well which is quite handy.

Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

5. UnlimitSMS: Lastly, this is the fifth widely used free SMS service provider as per my review. This service requires registration. You can send unlimited FREE SMS as well as Free Bulk SMS to a lot of countries from their website. They say “Unlimitsms is the service to send free SMS to worldwide from a computer. Free Text Messages from website to worldwide destinations.”

Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

While browsing through these sites and utilizing their services, please also note that a lot of other companies/websites/services are being introduced almost every day. So do not restrict yourself from researching and exploring even better services for Free SMS Service.

The above websites reflects the research conducted during the time when this post was being written, therefore these services may get obsolete or discontinued and a lot of new services can take over the market in future. Please do share your views and suggestions about the topic.

If you know any other services (Free SMS), please share those with us and help us all reaping the benefit.

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Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

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    6 Responses to Top 5 Free SMS Service Providers

    1. renessa anika says:

      helpful post .thnx

    2. Super169 says:

      Just tested all Top 5 Freee SMS Service Providers, all of them told me that the message has been sent, but none of them can really send the SMS to my phone in Hong Kong (+852)……
      I have also tested some paid service, they can really sent to my phone, but those free sms service providers listed here can do nothing at all.

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